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New ways to take action >>

First things first: We want to extend a big digital 🙏 thank you 🙏 to the hundreds of supporters who tweeted at the White House with us last week!

We’re on a mission to get the White House and Congress to invest big in the global vaccination effort this year. We can’t do it without all of you raising the volume and backing us up — and we’re humbled that so many of you answered the call.

But tweets are just one part of our campaign to pressure U.S. leaders to get vaccines to countries that need them. So today, we’re rolling out new ways to take action. Choose one below!

(Each action takes less than a minute, so feel free to do ‘em all!)

We have just a few weeks to raise the pressure before Congress sets federal budget priorities for the year. The actions we take now will affect the choices they make about how much to invest in global vaccination efforts. With full funding, there’s potential for 2022 to be the last year of this pandemic. Is that worth taking a minute to advocate for?

No matter where you live — or where you stand on the political spectrum — you can help. Choose your own “advocacy adventure,” and let’s get this done!