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February policy update

We’re throwing vaccine doses away here at home while other countries struggle to get them. That’s a problem we can solve.

Will you take one minute of your day to send an electronic letter to the White House voicing your support for a fully funded plan to get people around the world vaccinated?

The job of the policy team here at End Covid Now is to get deep in the policy details. And the more we learn, the more obvious it is not only that we need to do something, but that the path forward is clear: We have to fully fund the plan that government agencies and public health leaders have put together. 

Let’s break it down:

  1. Public health experts and epidemiologists agree that we need to achieve a global vaccination target of 70% by mid-2022 to have a shot at global herd immunity – and they know what it will cost to do it.
  2. But as of last month, less than 10% of people in low-income countries had received even one dose of a Covid vaccine.
  3. The U.S. has delivered a little over 366 million doses to other countries, well short of the 1.1 billion President Biden promised last fall.
  4. The U.S. has thrown away at least 15 million doses since last March – doses that could have been toward the global vaccination effort.

Agencies and public health leaders know what it will cost to get vaccines to the countries that need them and reach our goal of herd immunity. They have made their budget requests to the White House and Congress – now, all we need is for the plan to be fully funded.

Congress is looking to the White House for direction on how much to invest in the global vaccination effort. They are setting their 2022 budget priorities this month, so it’s crucial that we make our voices heard now. Send your letter today >>

The last policy update we want to leave you with today might just be the most distressing. Are you familiar with COVAX?

COVAX is a United Nations-backed initiative to get Covid vaccines to other countries. It’s largely funded by charitable donations – and last month, it delivered its billionth vaccine dose. But then, another thing happened: COVAX ran out of money.

Even if countries around the world donate doses of the vaccine, this organization no longer has the funds to administer them. It’s proof that the U.S. can’t wait any longer to make a big investment in the global vaccination mission. 

That is why we are reaching out and asking each person reading this to send an electronic letter to the White House. Will you take a minute to send it now?