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Big news

Big news: Our first ads hit the air today!

That means people in D.C. and beyond are seeing our call to get Covid vaccines to the countries that need them.

These ads are a huge step up for our campaign’s visibility. But to keep the pressure on – and prove there’s real grassroots power behind us – we need your help.

Will you send an electronic letter to the White House today, urging the Biden administration to fully fund the plan to end Covid around the world? All it takes is a minute and a few clicks.

Whenever there’s a global crisis, America steps up. Why shy away now?

The fact is, we can’t.

The longer we wait to get vaccines to the countries that need them, the more time the virus has to spread and mutate into new, dangerous variants that wreak havoc on our health, our economy, and our way of life.

February 18 is the deadline for Congress to set the 2022 budget, and they’re looking to the White House for direction on how much to invest in the global vaccination effort.

Tell the White House where you stand. Send an electronic letter voicing your support for a fully funded plan to get more people vaccinated around the world.

Thanks for adding your voice!