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The People’s Covid-19 Summit

What is the People’s Summit?

Now that the White House has announced the dates of the 2nd Global Covid-19 Summit, we the people need to stand up and demand action from the U.S. government. The People’s Covid-19 Summit will be a series of online days of action that centers the core idea that ending this pandemic needs to be a priority BEFORE we suffer again from new variants and lack of funding. 

The People’s Summit to #EndCovidNow will be a series of 4 events hosted nightly on Discord from Monday, May 9 to Thursday, May 12. Each event of nightly programming will begin at 8 p.m. ET and run for about one hour. The summit is on Discord to mirror an in-person Summit and to continuously build momentum – the community will continue as an organizing and action space after the events conclude

What are the goals of the People’s Summit?

How can I join? 

Here’s how you can join the People’s Summit in Discord. 

  1. Join via the People’s Summit Invitation link. Which you can find here:
  2. Once there, Discord will ask you to input a username. Feel free to use your real name or, if you want, have fun with it! 
  3. After inputting your username, Discord will ask you to verify your age. Don’t worry — they won’t share it.
  4. After that, you’re in! You’ll see a bunch of rooms (Discord calls these channels) like #EventStage1, #memes, and a #geneal-covid discussion space. Head on over to #welcome and #rules to get a lay of the land.
  5. And then drop by #new-members to send your first message (it’s the one with the baby emoji).  A quick “Hi, glad to be here!” will do. Our attendees inside Discord will be excited to meet you and welcome you to our community. Have fun!

Other places to find the Summit

We want to make sure that everyone can see the summit — even those who won’t be able to attend the Summit and interact via Discord. So we’ll also be streaming our stage events to Twitter, Zoom and more.  We will provide links at a later date. 

How you can help

The best way to help is to spread the word! Click the links below to spread the word on Twitter:

Covid isn’t over—and unless we provide access to vaccines to everyone worldwide, the pandemic will continue to disrupt and threaten our lives. That’s why I’m attending @End_Covid_Now’s People’s COVID-19 Summit May 9-12. Join me:

The U.S. led the world in developing lifesaving COVID vaccines. But to defeat this pandemic for good, we must step up again. That’s why I’m attending @End_Covid_Now’s People’s COVID-19 Summit, held virtually on Discord at 8pm ET May 9-12. Join me:

From May 9-12 at 8pm ET, I’ll be attending @End_Covid_Now’s People’s COVID-19 Summit, held virtually over Discord. We’ll share stories, hear from policy experts, and build momentum for renewed U.S. leadership against this global pandemic. Join me:

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