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End Covid. Now.

This pandemic isn’t going away. Instead, it is a chronic disaster for everyone – families, communities, the whole country. The solution is straightforward and staring us in the face – we must achieve global immunity through ensuring everyone in the world has access to vaccines as quickly as possible. If not, we will continue to see variant after variant spread  through our neighborhoods, disrupting and threatening our lives and our children’s lives.

To end this pandemic, America needs to lead in innovation and support, share the vaccine with other countries and ensure we get the economy and supply chain back on track.

How we’ll end Covid

Share the recipes for COVID-19 vaccines

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Increase the production of vaccines

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Get more people vaccinated worldwide so Americans are safe from future variants

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Lead The World

A huge disparity.

Chart showing 870 million excess doses expected among just 10 HICs by the end of 2021 (from October 2021)
Chart showing U.S. has ordered more than 2 times as many full vaccine doses than the U.S. population.
Chart showing a rising number of wasted vaccines from April thru August 2021

We can’t end Covid unless our elected officials make sharing the recipes, increasing production, and getting more people vaccinated worldwide a priority.

Will you contact your members of Congress to tell them you want to end Covid NOW by supporting the resolution to end the pandemic now?

Covid Doesn’t Just Affect Our Health

This isn’t just a health issue. Covid affects our families, our education system, our economy, and our national security. More transmissible variants didn’t start in the U.S. and they won’t end here – only by vaccinating the world can we end this crisis once and for all. The longer we delay, the greater the risk that even more transmissible and deadly variants will emerge, inevitably winding up on our shores and potentially bringing us back to square one.We don’t want to have to rely on lockdown after lockdown to keep ourselves safe or wearing masks for the rest of our lives.

The United States is the most powerful and influential country in the world. We have the means to lead the world in bringing the pandemic to an end through vaccination. And the cost? A fraction of what we have spent on COVID-19 relief so far.

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A Plan to End COVID-19

Sharing the vaccine formula, so other countries can manufacture and distribute vaccines

  • If the US would allow additional manufacturers to use the vaccine recipes, it will increase vaccine production.
  • Big Pharma claims that the vaccines are too complex to make in other countries. This is a lie. With the open transfer of technology and know-how, companies could get mRNA vaccine production online in under 4 months.
  • If we don’t rapidly transfer the vaccine recipes, we will not be able to ramp up vaccine manufacturing to meet global demand.

Investing money to increase vaccine manufacturing for this crisis and future pandemics.

  • We must build vaccine delivery networks in places where they don’t exist by arming key community leaders and organizations with the vaccine education they need.
  • We could get production for more vaccines immediately both in the US and across the world

Working with allied countries to get more people vaccinated so Americans are safe from future variants

  • We need our allies to be vaccinating people and fast. The best way we can encourage this is by making sure they have the tools to ramp up successful vaccine production.
  • The US needs to lead this effort – if not, there will be a international shortage of vaccines where production recipes or standards may fall short, continuing the cycle of variants on and on and on.

How You Can Help

Taking a small action today does have a global impact. Each day there are a lot of decisions being made that are defining the US’s path forward on this issue. The people responsible for these decisions answer to you – your Congressional representatives, the White House, state governments and agencies – these forces should WORK FOR YOU. If you tell them you want to get your life back to normal and you want to do it through a solution that is mask-free, long term and concrete – more than a temporary bandaid  – they have to listen.

We make great changes in our country, but only when we work together. It is up to you and your community to demand global vaccination as the way we can end the pandemic forever.

At End Covid Now, we are going to make sure you are armed with the best tools and info to take action when it is more impactful. Here are some ways you can help right now.

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